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As our business and capabilities expand so does our service and quality. With a high level of in house expertise, willing clients, suppliers and a passionate embrace of new challenges, we have successfully created new divisions to better serve our clients needs.

Our following divisions work closely together to provide our clients with complete nationwide specialist ground engineering and slope stabilisation solutions.



  • Temporary Ground Anchors
  • Permanent Ground Anchors
  • Piling
  • Sand Anchors
  • Soil Nails and Rock Bolts
  • Inclined Drains
  • Shotcrete/Shotcreting
  • Capping Beams
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Core Drilling for exploration purpose
  • Water Pressure Test (Lugeon Test)
  • Grout Mix Design
  • Various types of Pressure Grouting using mechanical and inflatable packers including
    • Grout Curtain
    • Blanket Grouting,
    • Chemical Grouting,
    • Seepage Control Grouting

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